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Our Land

Map of Iowa showing location of Cypress Villages

Nestled among gently rolling farm fields in the southeastern corner of Iowa, the Cypress Villages land spans 144 acres.  Just north of Fairfield, and east of Vedic City, Cypress Villages is about two hours away from the state capital, Des Moines. 


We have converting the old conventional corn and bean fields into USDA Certified Organic land.  We are well underway, having planted high grade oats and alfalfa a few years ago to allow the land to rest and purify.  The next phase will be to create permaculture crops that will feed our families and nourish the land at the same time!

View of Blazingstar, fields, and willow playground

Map of Cypress Villages from Fairfield Iowa

Directions from Fairfield

North 1.5 miles on Hwy 1,
Turn left (west) on 177th St.
Stay on gravel road until you reach Cypress Villages