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Stock Plans for Green Homes

Let us help you build the perfect green home for your family’s needs! Our stock plans below range from low-impact efficiency homes for single families to two-story homes for larger families. We also offer multi-family housing, including duplex, triplex and quadplex models.

You can explore the access renderings, floor plans and other specifics for each of our home designs simply by clicking on the home name below.

Note: as a LEED home community, all of our homes will be built to either LEED Silver or Platinum standards. For a comparison of our Platinum and Silver specs, please click here. Note: There is a huge range of materials that can be equivalent to those shown. We'll work with you and your budget to get the energy efficiency and performance you want.



Elevations or our homes


Name Bath Bedrooms Home Model
Total Sq Ft
Single Family Homes
Woodrush 1 1 Woodrush Floorplan
543 SF
Aster 1 2  Aster Floorplan 812 SF
Blazing Star 1 2  Blazing Star floorplan

Shown with garage.

1087 SF
Indigo 2 3  Indigo Floorplan

Shown with Garage
1355 SF
Bergamot 2 3  Bergamot Floorplan 1804 SF
Goldenseal 3 4  Goldenseal Floorplan

Shown with garage.
2296 SF
Bluestem 3 4  Bluestem Floorplan

Shown with garage.
3008 SF
Multi-family (w/o garage)
Larkspur (Duplex) 2 2  Larkspur Duplex Floorplan 2579 SF
Arrowhead (Triplex) 1 2  Arrowhead Floorplan 2516 SF
Springcress (4-plex) 2 2  Springcress Floorplan 6661 SF
Jeffersonia (8-plex)



 Jeffersonia Floorplan 7770 SF
Condo Units
Springcress Unit A 1 2  Springcress Floorplan 1580 SF
Springcress Unit B 1 2 1644 SF
Springcress Unit C 1 2 1744 SF
Springcress Unit D 1 2 1701 SF
Jeffersonia Units A&D 1 1  Jeffersonia Floorplan 588 SF
Jeffersonia Units B&F 1 2 1148 SF
Jeffersonia Units C&G 1 2 1081 SF
Jeffersonia Units E&H 1 1 652 SF


Garage Options

Garages Square Foot Attached/Detached Standard Price
1 Car Garage 336 Detached $23,000
2 Car Garage 672 Detached $36,000
3 Car Garage (for multi-family) 1008 Detached $55,000
4 Car Garage(for multi-family) 1344 Detached $74,000
1 Car Attached with breezeway 400 Attached $27,000
2 Car Attached with Mech room+ 600 Attached $38,000
Stall in Multicar garage (for Condo Owners) 336 Detached $19,000