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Choose a Lot


After you have decided on a floor plan, you can check out the map below to choose your lot!  Pick a number that corresponds to your floor plan and contact Cypress Villages to confirm availability.  (Color key is below.)  Lots include roads, storm water managment, underground electrical service, underground fiber optics cabling. Water is from Wapello Rural Water Association.  Waste water treatment is on-site package plant treatment with common discharge collection.

 View of our site plan showing lots available



Key to Our Lots.

The color of each lot shows which of our homes can be built in which location. Lot prices are for outright purchase of the Vastu lot. This price is included in the home price when built by WCC.

Pink Lot  = Bergamot Lots:$30,000.

Orange Lot  = Blazingstar Lot: $20,000.

Light Blue Lot  = Arrowhead Triplex Lots: $35,000.

  = Aster & Woodrush Lot: $15,000.

Light Green Lot  = Indigo, Larkspur, Goldenseal, & Bluestem Lots. $25,000.

Dark Blue Lot  = Jeffersonia Lot: $50,000.

Dark Green Lot  = Springcress Lots: $40,000.