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Cypress Villages Update, February 22, 2007

Dear Everyone.
For the past month, we have been working in many different directions, with the common goal of keeping our housing development on track to begin construction in late spring, 2007. The following are working very diligently towards these goals, and we plan to have our first solid pricing for homes by March 10th:
* Martha Norbeck: Green design consultant and Design Coordinator
* Don Sherbondy: Architect
* Brad Jennings: Estimator
* Jim Masterson: Estimator
At that time, you will be able to come by our offices at 58 South Main Street in Fairfield and see the Stock designs that have been created especially for this project. These designs will range from 800 to 3,000 Square Feet, and are of course, Maharishi Sthapatya Ved. We have designed each home to be 60% more energy efficient than the standards set by the US Department of Energy.
These Stock designs will allow for a range of options to be chosen by the homeowner, in a Standard, Best and Custom format. Savings from bulk purchasing will be passed on to the homebuyer for Standard and Best models. Upgrades in flooring, counter-tops, siding and garages will be available. An example of a Custom option will be a cupola above the Brahmastan.
Should you already have MSV plans that you want to use, or if you desire a more custom home, we will be able to accommodate you. Prices will still reflect an overall reduction due to the scale of building and relations with our subcontractors.
Here are some of the projects in process as this Update goes to cyber-press:
1.French-Reneker & Associates is completing a topological and boundary survey of the 144 acres. This will give our engineers and architects base data to use in all other work.
2.A premier green engineering firm, North American Wetland Engineering, has begun the preliminary analysis of the Waste Water, Storm Water and Fresh Water systems.
3.Another recognized engineering firm has been selected to design our Geothermal heating system as well as Wind and Photovoltaic generating systems. Lonnie Gamble, PE, has consulted with CV as well.
4.Don Sherbondy, AIA, is completing six house plans for pricing and MSV review.
5.Martha, Jim and Brad (above) are selecting and pricing sustainable building materials for Standard, Best and Custom options.
6.We are beginning to look at CC&R’s. (Covenants, conditions and restrictions) that will become the structure of the Cypress Villages Homeowners Association.
7.Our evaluation of options for annexation or a non-municipal association are on-going.
Many more professionals are supporting our team on a wide range of building construction topics and finance options.
We will be contacting each of you in the next few weeks in order to begin the process of building your home and growing this community. Please contact us with your questions and we will answer you or forward your question to someone who can. You can also call the office Monday through Friday, 9-5, at 641-469-5900, or email info@cypressvillages.com.
We look forward to utilizing everyone’s valuable input.
Thank you.
Dan Walker, President
Land Grant Development Company, Inc.
P.S. Our website is continually being updated. Most recent updates have been to the Sustainable section.
Cypress Villages
a Land Grant Developement Corporation / Walker Group, Inc. project
58 South Main St.
Fairfield, IA 52556
Tel: 641-469-1633