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Clarification!! - Cypress Villages - December 24th Update

In our most recent news update, we stated that the Maharishi Sthapathya Veda royalty and fee would be a total of 10%. The REASON we qualify for this fee is because the MSV Royalty and Fee are proportional to the Profits the builder charges on a home or commercial building. Our effective profits are less than 5%. The MSV Royalty = MSV Fee = Builder's profit, and we qualified for this interpretation.
As you can see, our design and construction mark-up is 15%. This is much less than a normal Builder's profit of 10% and normal MSV Royalties and Fees of 10% and 10%, which totals 30% in mark-ups.
The Cypress Villages land is FREE (read: instant equity, no cost to you, a great deal)...but if you already have your building site elsewhere, we still want to build your home or office at the same pricing structure as within our Villages. So if you're ready for your new home, whether its a luxury mansion or an affordable condominium, let us know!!
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and Perfect Vastu for 2007 !!!
The Cypress Villages development team.
Cypress Villages
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