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Cypress Villages - December 24th Update

Dear Everyone:
It has been a very auspicious last few weeks for our Cypress Villages
project. A lot of creativity and hard work have helped us reach today's
new plateau where we have our Preliminary Site Plan in hand and on the
website for you to see:
There are spacious 1/2 acre building sites for larger homes surrounding
the 15+ acre Western park; there are four playgrounds that each have a
Community building that can be used for Group program, childcare and
dining; a true Village coherence is created by an outdoor earthen
Ampitheater built into the existing slope of the park, walking paths
and trails in the neighborhoods and through the parks, a central
gathering area with a large Community Building, and Office and Retail
buildings in the Southern area (think Restaurant, grocery store, dry
goods, fueling station and whatever you want to build!); the corners of
the Village have four unit Condominium buildings; the Southern central
area has tri-plex garden apartments; the wind generators are planned
for the upper North East corner, and there are building lots of every
Vastu size in every quadrant for several hundred single family homes.
All in all, Cypress Villages can host up to about 800 people, with a
diverse stratification of interests and incomes, but a common purpose
to live in a wonderful place and enjoy peace and plenty. And, *The
Maharishi Sthapathya Veda fees and royalty have been reduced to a total
of 10% as a result of our low builder profits and the scope of the
project! *
We hope that all your hopes and plans for housing and community living
are embodied here, and that you will let us know your level of
satisfaction as well as any unmet needs. Please see the Jobs section
for current Cypress Villages development needs. Thank you.
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanauka! Happy Holidays to all!
The Cypress Villages Team
Cypress Villages
a Land Grant Developement Corporation / Walker Group, Inc. project
58 South Main St.
Fairfield, IA 52556
Tel: 641-469-1633