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Cypress Villages - December 5th Update

Dear Everyone:
We are making solid, rapid progress with building homes, businesses and the basis of a wonderful community at Cypress Villages, between the City of Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City. At this time, over 100 people have responded to our offer. Many have locked in their lot selection queue order by paying their $2,500 earnest deposit.
Here are some highlights of the past three weeks:
1. The City Attorney for Maharishi Vedic City has stated that they are very interested in Cypress Villages being annexed into MVC, and that if done, the city sewer will be available. We are still looking at other options, but this solution can solve a lot of problems for us.
2. We have been told that, as builders, we will be able to work with homeowners to provide custom Maharishi Sthapathya Veda plans
3. We have received over 40 stock MSV plans, and we have selected 10 of them to estimate. This will be completed within two weeks!
4. We have a MSV design consultant working with two registered architects to developed our Preliminary Site Plan. We're very excited about this and plan to have it available on or before December 19th.
5. Our Standard pricing will be based on very high quality materials. Individual homeowners may be able to choose different ones when MSV principles are not conflicted. The basic mix is: Clay Tile roofs, solid tile and wood flooring, granite counter-tops, and high quality, energy efficient appliances.
We currently have two architects, one designer, four estimators, one accountant and several project managers working. We need additional persons who can invest time assisting with Human Relations, Estimating, Purchasing and Marketing. Please call or email hr@cypressvillages.com if you are interested.
Thank you!
Dan Walker, President
Land Grant Development Company
Walker Group, Inc.