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Cypress Villages Developments

 The Cypress Villages development is moving forward with its infrastructure. The base roads for Phase I and Phase II are complete. Water distribution lines are installed for  10+ homes. Power from Alliant Energy is also in place for 10+ homes. All power cables are underground. This strategic move prevents damage  due to winter ice and preserves the expansive  prairie views. A new ½ acre pond is nearly complete in  the north-east area. Residents may enjoy  swimming in the pond next summer, especially knowing that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used on the property. In addition to recreation, this pond may be used for irrigation of the orchard and vegetables.


Progress is also being made to secure wind generation for the community. A wind turbine grant has been submitted to the USDA for a 104' tower which will supply up to 50 KW per hour. Power supplied by the turbine will be used on site and excess energy will be sold back to the grid. This will help Cypress Villages achieve Net-Zero in energy usage.


In other exciting news, fiber optics is now installed for 12+ homes. This high speed internet and phone service will bring residents superior signal integrity with a gigabit of data being transferred each second. In an interesting divergence from the norm, the CV homeowners association will own the fiber optic cables. This gives the community greater control and flexibility.