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City Incorporation

The City of Cypress Villages Petition for Incorporation passed the review of the state City Development Board on October 14th. A hearing has been set for February 17th in Jefferson County. This is a public hearing for the representatives of Cypress Villages to present their proposal to the state, and for any interested party to make a case for or against the incorporation. CV representatives must at this time show how the development can provide the usual services of a city and how incorporation is in the public interest. After the hearing, state officials will decide if the application will go to election.


Pursuing incorporation is felt to be a major advantage. There are many more financing resources to a City than a rural subdivision, and more financing relates to more homes built which creates more jobs and more resources for the entire community. For example, cities can receive grants for infrastructure, such as sewer systems. Incorporation also helps protect the investment made by homeowners and businesses.

In other exciting news:

* The first home at Cypress Villages has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification, making it the first such home in Iowa. 

* The FAA has issued a Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation for three planned 108' wind turbines in the SE quadrant of CV.  The installation of the first turbine is planned for fall 2010, and is integral in the plan for the whole development to be Net-Zero for energy usage.