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Cypress Villages Update - October 10th

Dear Everyone,

We are having an interesting week as we head towards our upcoming Muhurt
and Final Approval for Phase I at approximately the same time. The
Muhurt date has not yet arrived from Maharishi Jyotish, but we expect
it any day and will forward to you as soon as we have it. We will
invite everyone to join us for a ceremonial ground breaking.

We continue to have streams of positive support and good news. Here are some of the most recent links, ranging from a feature article in the Iowa Source on our project designer, Martha Norbeck, to a review on the Environmental News Network by Paul Schaefer, to a wonderful presentation on Maharishi's Global Chat network by architect Jonathan Lipman, where Jonathan explains our MSV project to the world.

More important news is that we are planning on opening Phase II residential
section in a month. We are planning on building at least 4 homes this
fall/winter, and hope that yours is one of them! Next spring should be
very active. Remember that our current discounted prices are going to
be held until Dec. 31st, 2007, and then there may be price increases.

There has been a lot of publicity since Monday, when the Jefferson County
Board of Supervisors delayed voting on Final Approval for our Phase I
until next Monday, October 15th. Then that same evening, the City of
Fairfield passed a recommendation objecting to our subdivision. The
Airport's concern continues to be potential noise complaints and the
creation of wildlife attractants. We have researched these issues, and
have found that the FAA guidelines and the City of Fairfield's own
documentation contradict the Airport's concerns. The City does not
have a legal position to effect the subdivision approval, but we would
like you to know that we continue to address their concerns in a
reasonable and upfront manner with the goal of being good neighbors to
all those around us.

Several people have expressed an interest
in a shuttle to MSAE and the Domes. This is easy to do, and there may
be Grant money to help. If this is an area you'd like to help research
and make happen sooner than later, let us know.

Best wishes to everyone!

Thank you.

The Cypress Villages Development Team