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Subdivision Approved! - October 15th

Final Approval for Phase I of the Cypress Villages subdivision was
approved by the Jefferson County Supervisors this morning. The Phase I
lots are in the SE corner of our property, and are planned for light
commercial, retail and multi-family housing. We have a buyer and
expect to close on those lots before the end of October, and we now are
planning Phase II. Now is the time to contact Phillipa at Walker
Group, Inc. to enjoy our early bird pricing and the best choice of
lots. Cypress Villages is located between Fairfield and Maharishi
Vedic City, at the Northwest corner of Highway One and Airport Road.
The main entry is from the East, at 1784 Highway One.

We thank you all for your support that we have felt in so many ways. Our
development team has been fortunate to work with the creative and
knowledgeable MSV consultants Susanna McGregor and Eloise Raymond. We
have worked closely with the Maharishi Vedic City Council and Mayor
and Ms. Maureen Wynne, whose approval was a necessary step in our
achieving Subdivision Approval. The Jefferson County Supervisors,
County Engineer and County Attorney have guided us through the
subdivision process in an orderly fashion, ensuring that the interests
of all parties...the Airport, the area farmers and ourselves...were
treated fairly in accord with the Subdivision Ordinance. We also thank
Mayor Malloy of the City of Fairfield for allowing us to present our
research to the Fairfield City Council regarding the compatibility of
our subdivision and Fairfield's small airport, according to the FAA.

We have just received our Muhurt from India as well. It is tomorrow,
October 16th, between 11:40 and 11:54 AM, Central Standard Time.
Please join us on the Cypress Villages property by 11:30 AM as we
ceremonially break ground, enjoy sweets and hopefully some beautiful
fall weather. Rain date may be November 1st. We apologize for the
short notice, but we just got the news ourselves!

Directions to Cypress Villages:
Drive north from Fairfield, turn left at the first driveway after Airport
road. (You'll see the existing farm house and our cypress tree in the
front yard!) please pull past the house and signs will direct you from
An area map can be found here: http://www.cypressvillages.com/land#locate

We are extremely fortunate to have Jeanne Rose of the Mortgage Group (part
of Insurance Resource Center, Neal Gritz, Broker) working at our
offices Monday-Friday from 1-3. She is available to help with your
financing questions and will work with you to get the best financing
possible for your new home. Remember that the monthly cost of a home
is the mortgage plus the insurance plus the energy bills, and your CV
home will be 60-70% more efficient than comparable sized homes with
standard construction.

Jai Guru Dev

The Cypress Villages Team