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We have set Foundation Stones for three single family homes and two eight-plexes in May. Roads must be in place before homes, and two weeks ago we started the main entrance to Phase II, the North-central area. The construction grade roads are in place as of today, with the entrances off of highway one to both Phase I and Phase II waiting on culverts and permits a few more days.

The site has been cleaned up substantially since the weather improved, and we've brought goats in to liven the place up- and eat the grass in the barnyard. We have heavy equipment on site, and will take advantage of every good building day this year.

The first four families to purchase homes and lots are from Switzerland, Austrailia, Mississippi and Hawaii! It's impressive that Maharishi's vision is so far reaching, and appealing to so many people.

We have our First Investor's Sale still in process through May 31st. We are offering a 5% discount for contracts signed during this period, so if you're close on your decision, call our office and let us help you.


The Cypress Villages Sustainable City project is accepting Interns for the spring, summer and fall of 2008. We need people who like to work with animals, or plants or build things...we offer training and on-the-job opportunities to work with sustainable systems in the following areas: Agriculture; energy; waste recycling; water supply; home construction; city planning.

Here are a the intern positions that need filled right now:

1. Are you technically adept with good climbing skills? We need to install a webcam on our 65' high Silo. We're thinking of a wireless unit with solar charger that can broadcast live shots of the construction and farming on the Cypress Villages website.

2. Construction: We are converting the Corn crib to small sleeping rooms, with three season capability. There will be rooms for between four to eight people.

3. Agriculture: We have lots of farm work we want to accomplish this year, including planting gardens, building greenhouses, planting fruit and nut trees and planning for the Permaculture operation.

4. Food production: We want to begin to develop Value Added food products, and a vertical supply of locally grown foods. Cooking, processing, packaging and marketing.

5. Landscaping: Plant trees and ground cover of native grasses.

6. Energy: Planning for wind turbines and installation of solar panels.

7. Grants: Grant writing for Sustainability and Agricultural projects.

8. Animal husbandry: tending to the goats and the sheep and horses to follow.

We offer a small stipend plus room, board, fresh air and lots of interesting projects. You should be in good health. Cypress Villages Subdivision is a non-smoking environment. Motivation is more important than experience. Call Dan at 641-469-5900 or respond to this email if interested.


Sunset at Cypress Villages

Cypress Villages Bulldozer working hard on our new roads

Bob Koczela performing needed pruning and care of our 200 year old Cypress Tree

View of construction on our new main entrance (177th St from Highway 1)

Sustainable lawn care at Cypress Villages!!!