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Cypress Villages update January 14, 2008:

This morning, January 14, 2008, Phase II of our subdivision was approved by the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. Phase II includes 32 residential lots, many of which are sized for multi-family homes, plus our Community Building/Meditation Hall. We're pretty happy.

Cypress Villages homes have the advantages of small town Iowa combined with the integrated life of an Iowa farmstead. The original farm and buildings will be maintained, and host a Farmers Market, a dairy and horse barn. Permaculture plantings will weave among the homes. Organic grains, orchards and beans will surround the entire community. The flying hall/community center is within walking distance of every home. Offices and retail outlets will be on the corner, also within walking. The many wonderful amenities of Fairfield are a short bike ride away in most weather, with commuter rides available all year round.

Other news:

Over the past month, our development team has expanded our focus to include obtaining grants and low interest loans. Our subdivision mission is very compatible with a wide range of these financial tools, and any funding we receive will move the whole process along that much quicker. We're especially well suited for Green and Energy Saving grants.

Building has begun:

The grading for the north portion of the road for Phase I is completed and we are waiting on better weather to apply the gravel road bed. Now that we have Phase II formally approved, we will begin to mobilize our road builders in order to begin the homes under contract this winter or early spring.

Prices Held Over:

We are extending the prices from 2007 until the end of January. Fortunately, there has not been any new pressure on building materials nationwide which are often the result of large scale natural disasters. Please contact Phillippa Mecham at 641-469-5900 for more information.

Builders Welcome:

Lots for Phase II are available to build homes for your clients or for resale. All builders are welcome. The minimum guidelines for CV homes are:
a. MSV design (all designs are reviewed by the CV Design Review and MSV)
b. Meet or exceed the building codes of Iowa (plumbing/electrical/mechanical/building/energy)
c. Meet or exceed LEED Silver design standards for sustainability

Again, thanks to everyone for your interest and support. We look forward to your feedback via email or 641-469-5900.