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Net Zero


On the Grid with Net-Zero Impact!

Wind turbine and solar panels against blue sky

There will be sufficient power for any home or business need at Cypress Villages. Our project is "on-the-grid" and will incorporate standard electric supply by Alliant Electric Company. Cypress Villages homes are 40-50% more energy efficient than standard homes meeting Model Energy Codes and 70-80% more efficient than a typical home!  We can offset utility usage through Photo-Voltaic panels on homes, and a community wide wind generation system is planned. The final result is that we strive for Net-Zero usage of electricity, and no natural gas or propane.

Note that many communities that are "off the grid" only mean "off the electrical grid" and still use Propane Gas (liquefied petroleum or LP). LP gas is used for approximately 75% of BTU's in rural homes, supplying energy for the Furnace, Water Heater, Stove and Clothes Dryer. These costs are increasing each year, the combustion gases can be dangerous and the heat by-products are a fire hazard.

Cypress Villages homes are designed to be completely economical, with clean indoor-air, and all-electric buildings that will soon be Net-Zero.



What is Net-Zero?graph showing the energy consumption and production for a standard home vs. a net zero home

Three common definitions for Net Zero are:

Net Zero Site Energy
A building produces as much energy as is used.

Net Zero Source Energy
A building produces as much energy as is used including energy spent in transmission.

Net Zero Energy Emissions
A building produces at least as much emission-free energy as emission-producing energy used.

Renewable Energy Supply Option Hierarchy

Site Energy Is:
1. Reduce site energy use through low energy building technologies.

Solutions: Daylighting, high-efficiency HVAC, natural ventilation,premium insulation, etc.

2. Use renewable energy sources available within the building's footprint.

3. Use renewable energy sources available at the site.

Solutions: PV, solar hot water, low impact hydro, wind power located on-site.

Net Zero Site Energy Is:

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to understand & communicate
  • Verifiable on-site
  • Encourages energy-efficient building design


Achieving Net Zero

Building Energy Efficient Homes

Cypress Villages homes consume less than half the energy of a comparable home per year for heating and cooling. Our LEED Platinum designed homes are 40-50% more efficient than code and 70-80% more efficient than a typical home. This results in a significant savings per year on heating and cooling expenses.  In a Cypress Villages home, there are no hidden costs for LP Gas/Propane.

Efficient Construction

  • Premium insulation
  • Local materials
  • High-efficiency Windows and Doors
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator


Geothermal Heat Pump

  • 30-40% Reduction in energy bills



  • Further reduction in energy bills
  • Zero loss of energy during transmission


Harnessing Wind Energy

  • Cypress Villages will install three 75kW – 100kW wind turbines.
  • Wind Energy is clean and inexhaustible.


National Initiative: 20% Wind Energy By 2030

  • Reduce Emissions – 7,600 million tons of CO2
  • Conserve Water – 4 trillion gallons
  • Generate Local Revenue - $1.5 billion / year
  • Create Jobs – 30,000 manufacturing jobs