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Local Resources

Using Local Resources

As an extension of each home, the Cypress Villages community will require less energy by providing local products and services, thereby reducing transportation costs. Our plans include:

  • Working with local businesses and using local materials.
  • Maintaining on-site organic greenhouses and agriculture fields, as well as permaculture landscaping, orchards and crops.
  • Developing employment, entertainment, retail and educational facilities located reasonably close to home.
  • Planting trees to provide sound-reduction, privacy and energy conservation
  • Consolidating the living area to reduce landscaping time and energy consumption and, in turn, providing more land for green space and agriculture.
  • Developing areas for commercial and retail use, including coffee shops; organic and vegetarian restaurants; organic grocery retailers and/or co-operatives; a green building supply store with home-hardware and garden departments; fuel services (gasoline, bio-diesel and electric recharging); and motels/hotels.  Please contact developers to discuss your business opportunities.

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Thoughtful Material Selection

At Cypress Villages, we're passionate about sustainable building practices. Throughout the planning, building and maintaining of our homes, we have selected regional, renewable, natural, and non-toxic materials and try to use local resources wherever possible. In doing so, we strive to replenish the land's resources, rather than deplete them, both during and after the construction of a home.

Our sustainable building practices help reduce indoor pollutants and result in homes that require
less maintenance when they're up and running.  Moreover, the meticulously chosen materials we use help to ensure our land stays fertile, our water and air stay clean, and each of our residents stays healthy.  Read more about our building materials.