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We’re building Cypress Villages in the Iowa Heartland because it’s simply one of the best places to live! 

In addition to its natural heritage as the agricultural belt of the United States, Iowa is one of the safest, most progressive and community-minded places to settle. Fresher produce, shorter commute times and a lower cost of living are just a few great reasons to relocate to Iowa.

Find out more about the advantages of living in Iowa at the Official Web site of the Iowa Department of Economic Development.


According to the Iowa Department of Economic Development:

  • Iowa is ranked the nation's 2nd-most livable state based on 43 factors ranging from median household income to crime rate and from sunny days to infant mortality rate.
    CQ Press, 2009

  • Iowa is named the 8th-best state to raise a child.
    Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2008

  • Iowa ranks 9th in the nation for number of state parks, recreational areas and natural areas.
    CQ Press, 2009

  • Nine metros in Iowa are ranked among the best places in America to start a business or career.
    Forbes, 2008

  • Iowa ranks 8th in safest neighborhoods in the U.S.
    CQ Press, 2008

  • Iowa has the 5th-highest public high school graduation rate in the U.S.
    CQ Press, 2009

  • Iowans enjoy the 6th-shortest average commute time (18.3 minutes) among the 50 states
    US Census Bureau, 2007

  • Iowans enjoy the 8th-lowest housing costs
    US Census Bureau, 2007

  • Iowans pay the lowest combined average auto insurance premiums of any state in the nations
    National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 2006

  • Iowa's capital city, Des Moines, was listed as one of the best cities to live, work, and play.
    Kiplinger 2008

  • Iowa has over 1400 miles of trails for hiking and biking within its state parks and recreational areas.
    Iowa Department of Transportation