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Cypress Villages

Cypress Villages is designed to be an innovative, sustainable community with green homes, permaculture landscaping, paved streets and sidewalks, recreational paths and parks and community amenities including retail shops and an amphitheater.

Planned specifically as a LEED and ENERGY STAR development, our homes are built to high-performance standards in lighting, heating and cooling, water, and air quality. Built with sustainable materials, houses will feature solar and wind generated utilities, offering both efficiency and low maintenance.

The spirit of community is at the heart of this project. Housing is clustered around a meditation hall and a community-built center for dining and celebrations. Buildings are surrounded by berry bushes and nut trees, well-tended organic fields and greenhouses.

Apples and planting a garden


Community Connections

As an extension of each home, the community will require less energy by providing local products and services, reducing transportation costs:

  • Working with local businesses and using local materials
  • On-site organic greenhouses, permaculture landscaping, orchards and crops
  • Organic agriculture methods
  • Employment, entertainment, retail and educational facilities located close to home
  • Planting of trees to provide sound reduction, privacy and energy conservation
  • Consolidation of living area to reduce landscaping time and energy consumption, and in turn, providing more land for green space and agriculture
  • Areas we encourage for commercial and retail development are coffee shops, organic and vegetarian restaurants, organic grocery retailer and/or co-operative, green building supply with hardware-home and garden departments, fuel services (gasoline, bio-diesel and electric recharging), and motel/hotel. These services will be located in a specified location fronting Airport Road.

There are 56 housing units planned for phase one.  Entrepreneurs investing in multi-family housing development will have specific locations to choose from within the residential housing development.

Site Plan


Cypress Village Site Plan

We are proud to present our site plan with Phase 1 & 2 featured.



World-Wide Connections

In addition to clean living here at Cypress Villages, we will also have our own technicians administering broadband Internet and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone services allowing you to stay in touch with loved ones and your work while still living in a quiet and green community. With these services you will be able to enjoy all the comforts that you are accustomed to:

* Browsing web pages at broadband speed * Email and instant messaging to stay connected * Crystal clear calls made to loved ones and business contacts * On demand video and music content


Amenities Timeline

Amenity @ stage of Subdivision built
Trails and Permaculture Features 10.00%
Meditation Hall & Amphitheater 30.00%
Paved Roads 60.00%
Swimming Pool 85.00%
Subdivision Wind Turbines 100.00%