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Subdivision Approved! - October 15th

Final Approval for Phase I of the Cypress Villages subdivision was
approved by the Jefferson County Supervisors this morning. The Phase I
lots are in the SE corner of our property, and are planned for light
commercial, retail and multi-family housing. We have a buyer and
expect to close on those lots before the end of October, and we now are
planning Phase II. Now is the time to contact Phillipa at Walker
Group, Inc. to enjoy our early bird pricing and the best choice of
lots. Cypress Villages is located between Fairfield and Maharishi

Cypress Villages Update - October 10th

Dear Everyone,

We are having an interesting week as we head towards our upcoming Muhurt
and Final Approval for Phase I at approximately the same time. The
Muhurt date has not yet arrived from Maharishi Jyotish, but we expect
it any day and will forward to you as soon as we have it. We will
invite everyone to join us for a ceremonial ground breaking.

Cypress Villages featured on Maharishi's Global Chat

Click the image below to view excerpts from the July 24th Maharishi Global Chat program featuring Dr. Jonathan Lipman speaking about Cypress Villages.



All Maharishi Global Chat archives can be found here.

Cypress Villages' Martha Norbeck presents at AIA conference in Des Moines

martha norbeckMartha Norbeck, owner and president of C-WISE, was invited to speak at the Members of the American Institute of Architects last Thursday in Des Moines. The topic of her presentation was “Shades of Green: Tales from the Trenches”.

September 17 Update


The Land Grant Development Corporation is ready for your help! Persons with Real Estate or Finance experience are particularly encouraged to apply. Hours are flexible, pay is 1099, and we provide a great place to work.


Call us if this is your profession, avocation or interest. We have Organic land and a CSA agriculture opportunity for the right people.


Cypress Villages - September 7th Update

At this time, ALL requirements for the Cypress Villages Final Subdivision Approval have been completed, except one. That's a huge achievement, and at the same time, the last requirement is huge. It is amazing to know that once Final Subdivision Approval is received, we will have 117 lots for single family and multi-family homes, 8 lots for Commercial buildings, and 2 lots that encompass the existing Heritage Farm.

Watch the Jet Take-off Video Clip

Click below to download a short video clip of a jet taking off from the Fairfield Airport.

The static-like sound is wind on the camera microphone, you have to listen very carefully to hear the jet!

The size of the video file is about 10mb, and will take a veeeery long time to download if you are using dial-up.

Cypress Villages Update - August 18th

Complete prices are finally here! There are now two tiers of homes, the Platinum and the Silver series. These names are associated with the LEED energy standards. All our homes will have the same MSV certified, energy efficient exterior shell, roofing material and allowance for landscaping. There are now more choices in the interior finishes, mechanical systems and energy generation.

Cypress Villages Update - July 31st

Dear Friends: At this auspicious time of the year, we are pleased to announce these next steps in the development of Cypress Villages. I. The CV website now has:

First non-chemical harvest since...

Oats being harvested July 26th, 2007 (notice the alfalfa coming up underneath!)
Combine harvesting oats, rows of oat stalks about to be baled.