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Are utilities "on-the-grid" or "off-the-grid" utilities, and why?

There will be sufficient power for any home or business need. Our project is "on-the-grid" and will incorporate standard electric supply by Alliant Electric Company. CV homes are 70% more energy efficient than standard homes meeting Model Energy Codes! We can offset utility usage through Photo-Voltaic panels on homes, and a community wide wind generation system is planned. The final result is that we strive for Net-Zero usage of electricity, and no natural gas or propane.

Note that many communities that are "off the grid" only mean "off the electrical grid" and still use Propane Gas (LP). LP gas is used for approximately 75% of BTU's in rural homes, supplying energy for the Furnace, Water Heater, Stove and Clothes Dryer. These costs are increasing each year, the combusion gases can be dangerous and the heat by-products are a fire hazard.

Cypress Villages homes are designed to be completely economical, with clean indoor-air, with all-electric buildings that will soon be Net-Zero.